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Clive Street c1935

Business Comes and Goes – FGHIJ

This Business Comes and Goes FGHIJ page is the second of six pages listing the various businesses that have operated in Katanning since the first settlement of the region. Many enterprising people set up business in a vast array of businesses, starting with the Piesse Brothers, Frederick, and Charles. That enterprising spirit continues today as Katanning continues to thrive.

The arrival of the Great Southern Railway enabled local businesses to provide a greater range of goods and services faster than they had been able to before its arrival. This allowed the Katanning business sector to grow in leaps and bounds, particularly in the early 1900’s.

Sadly though something that didn’t exist back in those early days, the internet, is starting to have a negative effect on our business community.

Federal Dairy
H. V. Piesse Proprietor
‘Phone 52
The best-equipped dairy in the state (GSH 31/08/1912)

Federal Dairy
James Causer Proprietor
The best equipped dairy in the state
Modern methods of sanitation – Latest milking machines installed
Fresh milk delivered twice daily – Rich dairy cream supplied (GSH 3/07/1920)

Federal Hotel
Cnr Clive and Richardson Streets
Under entirely new management – A.E. Pryce Proprietor
All trains met – Only the best of goods stocked. (GSH 1/07/1925)

Filmer & Forbes (Pty) Limited
(PO Box 2) Tel 125 – Clive Street
General Commission Agents, Licensed Land Agents. International Harvester
Sales & Service, McCormick Tractors, International Trucks, West Australian Insurance Co, Cooper Shearing Plants, Farm Lighting, and Refrigeration, City Mutual Life Insurance.
We trade used Tractors, Trucks, and Farm Equipment.

Filmer, J.F., B.V.Sc
Late Capt. R.A.V.C)
Veterinary Surgeon
Carew Street, Katanning – Tel 60 (GSH 3/07/1920)

Filmer, W.J.
Katanning agent for the Rugby motor car – “The fully equipped car” – Price £255 (GSH 1/07/1925)

GSH 1/07/1925

Fish Nook
Broome Street

Fitzmaurice, J
(Late A.I.F.) Proprietor
Up to date Dodge Hire Car KA 72
Agent for Mercantile Mutual Insurance Co. (GSH 3/07/1920)

Fowler, A.J. Upholstery
Tel 3
35 Carew Street
All upholstery including lounge suites, loose covers, and car trimming.

Foy and Gibson (WA) Limited
Tel: 8 & 210
Austral Terrace
General merchants and retailers

Gare & Mouritz
(PO Box 15) Tel 91
Clive Street, East
General Garage, Service Station, Repairs to all makes of vehicles, Petrol, Greases, General Accessories and Motor Parts. Dealers for Austin, Morris Cars and Trucks, Chamberlain Tractors and Machinery, New Holland Machinery

Garrard, W.
Veterinarian Surgeon

Gilbert, Edward
Austral Terrace, Katanning
MPS Chemist
Medicines forwarded to any part of the state. (GSH 25/12/1912)

Graham, A.S.
(Late A.I.F.)
Greengrocer, Fruiterer, and Confectioner
The Cream shop in Clive Street – Katanning
Is the place where you can get the best assortment of Fruit and Vegetables daily
Country customers specially catered for.
Fresh fish every Wednesday and Friday
Cart delivery daily – Orders sent to any part – Satisfaction guaranteed (GSH 3/07/1920)

Gray, Chas. H.
Local agents for State implements
We have large stocks of Plow Shares all makes on hand – order early (GSH 1/07/1925)

Great Southern Dining Rooms
Clive Street, Katanning (Opp. P.O.)
John Gould Proprietor
Good Meals 1s
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables only sold – Cash Grocery – Hence Low Prices
Beds   Beds    Beds 1s
Liptons Tea – Fresh Fish Twice Weekly (GSH 4/07/1906)

Great Southern Herald
(Established 1901)
(PO Box 131) Tel 9
Clive Street, then Austral Terrace, then Clive, and Conroy Streets
Printers and Publishers
1915 – Proprietor, Editor, and Manager – J.F. Cullen

             Print Foreman – Mr. Frank Higman

Great Southern Ironworks
Austral Terrace, Katanning
From 100 to 50,000 gallon made to order
Squatter’s tanks made to order
Patented Cool Storage Tanks (GSH 4/07/1906)

Great Southern Radio Service
(TS Young)
Tel 264 – 56 Austral Terrace
Radio and Electrical Sales and Service

GSR Mineral Water Company Pty Ltd

Greenwood, S.
Austral Terrace, Katanning
Tobacconist & Stationer
All the latest novels in stock – Circulating Library
Up-to-date Hairdressing salon
Agent for Armstrong’s Bicycles (4/07/1906)

Gunter, C.J.
Clive Street, Katanning
Wholesale and Family Butcher
Can supply in any quantity Best Refined Beef Dripping
Cash buyer of skins and hides – Dressed poultry always available
Country Orders will receive special attention (GSH 31/08/1912)

Gunter, C.J.
The Butcher and Ice Merchant
Beaten nowhere for quality, prompt attention, and cleanliness.
Our corn beef and sausages excel and sell. (GSH 1/07/1925)

Hall, A.G.
Watchmaker, Jeweller, and Optician
Austral Terrace, Katanning
Well selected stock to choose from (GSH 1/07/1925)

Harken, Harry
Local agent for new Oldsmobile Six, and Colonial Mutual Life Assurance (GSH 1/07/1925)

Hay, J.F.
The Ready Money Draper
Bank Buildings – Clive Street, Katanning (SDA 25/10/1913)

Hedges Dale, Mr. S.
Austral Terrace, Katanning and Albany – Ph. 4
Dental Surgeon
(GSH 1/07/1925)

Hine, H.V.
Builder and Contractor
Estimates given for all classes of work – Prices moderate – Nothing too big – Nothing too small
Work speaks for itself – Satisfaction guaranteed. (GSH 1/07/1925)

Hay, J.F.
Bank Buildings, Clive Street
The Ready-Money Draper (GSH 31/08/1912

Hobbs, A.G
Bakery (
Formerly L.M. Day)
PO Box 72
Ph: 6

GSH 1/07/1925

Hocter, Mrs. Langtry
Kindergarten and School
Rechabite Hall, Richardson Street, Katanning
Special classes for calisthenics, dancing, elocution, French, art, needlework, music and painting.
Children’s dancing classes
3 o’clock starting today (31 August 1912)
For particulars address Katanning Hotel, Katanning. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Horwood, A.F
1912 – Temporary office: Old & Cornish’s Buildings,
Austral Terrace, Katanning
Permanent Office: Austral Terrace
Land, Stock & General Agents
Agents for Metters Plows, Scrub-rakes and windmills, Padbury manures and fertilisers, Ockerby grain and chaff buyers, International Harvester Australia, Produce Merchants, Insurance Agents (GSH 31/08/1912)

Ideal Studio
H.C. Biltoft, Proprietor.
(Next to Mr. Mark King) Austral Terrace, Katanning
High-class workmanship in all branches – Old and new photographs enlarged to any size
Country orders promptly attended to. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Irvine Coventry
(PO Box 65) Tel 201
General Carrier & Contractor

Jazz Trio, The
Apply Gordon W Beeck for bookings
Comprising Piano, Violin and Jazz Effects
Apply Gordon W Beeck for bookings
Country dances given every attention – Carnivals and balls a specialty (GSH 1/07/1925)

Justins, A
Austral Terrace (Near Royal Exchange Hotel)
Coachbuilder, Wheelwright, and General Blacksmith
Coach painting and trimming done
Horseshoeing a specialty (GSH 4/07/1906)

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