Coleraine Hospital

Coleraine Hospital

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Katanning Grammar School for Boys

Dr House was a “well respected and fondly remembered family doctor and a prominent member of the Katanning community” [Anderson, p. 115] The house has been used for many important community functions, including a doctors residence, a boys grammar school and a private maternity hospital – where some of Katanning’s most prominent citizens were born.

Dr House came to Katanning in 1893 as the first District Medical Officer. In 1906, Dr House built a large bungalow style house for his growing family, the builder being the well-known Alexander Thomson. The house was also used as House’s practice. After the House family left Katanning, their house was sold and used as the Katanning Grammar School for Boys (1929-1934). In 1934 it was sold again to a Sister Harris and converted into a private maternity hospital and in the 1970s it was used as a boarding facility for high school students.

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Coleraine Hospital

In the 1980s the building was used as the Cornerstone Ministries (inc.) Family Church, eventually being taken over by Youth With a Mission and becoming known as Maranartha.
The building has since been sold and is now used as a private residence for the Steer family. They have made some alterations.
Today, it is a single storey asymmetric Federation Bungalow, much altered and added to however the painted brickwork detracts from the appearance. The verandahs, on the front and south sides, have timber floorboards and posts. Elaborate woodwork is seen throughout the house, including the fireplaces, architraves and skirting boards. The timber detailing in the study is very elaborate and inside the house are lead glass door panels and side windows and accordion doors between the lounge and dining room, which are exemplary for their time. Some ceilings in the house are not original.