Business Comes and Goes ABCDE

Austral Terrace c1910

Business Comes and Goes – ABCDE

This Business Comes and Goes ABCDE page is the first of six pages listing the various businesses that have operated in Katanning since the first settlement of the region. Many enterprising people set up business in a vast array of businesses, starting with the Piesse Brothers, Frederick, and Charles. That enterprising spirit continues today as Katanning continues to thrive.

The arrival of the Great Southern Railway enabled local businesses to provide a greater range of goods and services faster than they had been able to before its arrival. This allowed the Katanning business sector to grow in leaps and bounds, particularly in the early 1900’s.

Sadly though something that didn’t exist back in those early days, the internet, is starting to have a negative effect on our business community.

Acme Laundry
Broome Street, Katanning
Now open – Shirt and collar dressing. Suits cleaned and pressed, Fine linen and silks skillfully handled. (GSH 1/07/1925)


Arnold, Nurse
Aberdeen Street, Katanning (GSH 25/12/1912)

Austral Café
Austral Terrace, Katanning
Mrs. C. Edwards, Proprietress
Superior board and lodgings at moderate charges
Plunge and shower baths, Piano promenade balcony, electric light.
Special terms to regular boarders
Catering undertaken on the shortest notice. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Austral Motor Garage
H.V. Yeldon
Overland cars  – Standard model £225 – Fully equipped with electric lighting and starting, and five straight sided cord tyres. (GSH 1/07/1925)

Austral Salon
Miss J Becker
Tel 397
76 Austral Terrace
Hairdressers, specialists in cold-wave and hair-cutting.

Auto Service Centre
Tel 423
Cnr Albion and Beaufort Streets
Caltex petrol and oils, Petter Stationary Engines, Agents for Hillman, Humber, Commer Vehicles

Auto Panel Beating Co
LN Christmass
Tel: Workshop 273. Office 404. – 88 Austral Terrace
For all types of Panel Beating and Spray Painting. Modern equipment. Specialists in Insurance Claims Work. Quotes without obligation.

Baker, Dr. – Ophthalmic Surgeon
Consulting Rooms at Mr. Gilbert’s Chemist
Visits Katanning every Thursday – 10 to 4 and by appointment.
(diseases of the eyes only) (GSH 31/08/1912)

Baker, W.M. Family Butchers
Clive Street

Barkley & Gilbert
Newsagents and Stationers – Hairdressers and Tobacconists
Austral Terrace, Katanning
For school requisites, sporting materials, fancy good, books, magazines and periodicals.
Latest novels and best literature always obtainable – The best of china and silverware stocked. (GSH 1/07/1925)

The Rural and Industries Bank
R& I Bank
Clive and Dore Street

Barrett, H.
Taylor Street
Livery Stable, Carrier, Firewood (GSH 31/08/1912)

Bateman, J.W.
Austral Terrace, Katanning
Cash discount sale on all drapery now on (GSH 1/07/1925)

GSH 1/07/1925

Beaurepaire Tyre Service Pty Ltd
Tel 468
11 Richardson Street

Beeck, P.A.
Clive Street Katanning
Saddle and Harness Maker
Cheapest house in the district for saddlery and repairs –
All kinds of harness made to order
First class coach trimming done, nothing but best materials used. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Bevilaqua, Mrs. E.L.
Clive Street, opposite F.L. Kleeman
Fruit & Confectionary – Tearooms (GSH 31/08/1912)

Bevilaqua, W.E.
Cheapest furniture in Katanning
Furniture made by white labour only direct from the factory. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Bird, W.P.
Ladies and Gentlemen’s Tailors
Austral Terrace, Katanning – Ph: 85
(Originally in Austral Terrace opp, railway station)
W.P. Birds suits to measure are distinctively smart in appearance and possess all the stability and service quality for so long associated with the name. The prices are moderate – from £6 upwards.
Ties, socks, shirts, collars and blazers. (GSH1/07/1925)

BKW Co-op
BKW Co-operative Ltd
(Originally Broomehill & District Co-op)
Austral Terrace
Broomehill: Tel 233, Katanning: Tel 93, Woodanilling: Tel 11
General merchants and grocers
Agents for: Westralian Farmers Co-op Limited; all farm requisites. Shell Oil Co, Vacuum Oil Co, AMP, Phillips Radios.

Black & Rodda
Central Garage, Clive Street, Katanning
Automobile and General Engineers – Gunsmiths – Motor Cars for Hire
Agencies: Ford, E.M.F, Flanders, Cadillac, Rover, and Talbot
Repairs a specialty (GSH 31/08/1912)

Black Lantern Restaurant
Austral Terrace (Near Town Hall)

Blue’s Catering Service &
The Blue’s Snack Bar
R & P McLean
Next to Katanning Railway Station

Bolto, P.L.
Bolto, P.L. & Co
(PO Box 49) Tel 254
71 Clive Street and 3 Daping Street
Licensed Land Agent, Sales and Service: Morris, Wolsley, Riley, & MG Cars
Morris Commercial Trucks, Nuffield Universal Tractors, “Big E” Harvesters”

Bowker, H.G. Tea Rooms
Clive Street, Katanning
Baker and Confectioner
Has opened tea rooms in his new establishment
Where light refreshments can be obtained at all hours (GSH 4/07/1906)

Brady, H.B. Katanning Pty Ltd
(PO Box 7) Tel 225
Taylor Street
For ceilings, panels, cement goods, farmers pig troughs, wash trough and pedestals, grease traps, agricultural pipes, curbing, ventilators and slabs.

Bradshaw, H.
Tel 476
48 Carew Street
Stock & Super Carting, General Carrying

Brinkley, E.G.
District Representative for Citroen cars
Baby Citroen 2-seater £275, Baby Citroen 3-seater £295, Citroen Tourer £395 (GSH 1/07/1925)

Broad, Nurse
(Certificated) Mid-Wife
Carew Street, Katanning
(GSH 3/07/1915)

Brockhurst General Hospital
Nurse Cox, Matron – Ph 74
I desire to notify the public that Brockhurst has been reopened under entirely new management, as a general hospital for medical and surgical treatment (GSH 3/07/1920)

Brunton, W.
Clive Street, Katanning
Seedsman, Stationer, and General Commission Agent
Farming & Building Blocks For Sale
Agent for Norwich Fire Office (GSH 4/07/1906)

Bunes, A.G. Footwear
Tel 238
Clive Street (near Coles)
Quality family footwear

Caris Bros
Jewellers and Watchmakers

Carner, Mr. L.J.
Professor of Music
Argent Street, Katanning
Tuition in pianoforte, violin, organ, Flute
Theory, Etc. (GSH 4/07/1906)

Cass, C. & R.
Drapers, Milliners, and Clothiers
Our spring goods are now being opened up. Beautiful dress fabrics, choice millinery, and fancy goods of all descriptions. Best Value in town. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Central Bakery
(Currently “Bakehouse Boutique” and previously “Bakehouse Jeanery”)
(PO Box 28) Tel 97 – 100 Clive Street
Bakers, Pastrycooks, Confectioners

Chipper, Mrs. E.L.
Tea and Refreshment Rooms
Austral Terrace, Katanning
Catering in all its branches – Refreshments at all hours
Brightest and best tearooms on the Great Southern Railway
Fruit and confectionery (GSH 4/07/1906)

Clemesha, E.
Austral Terrace (Opposite Railway Station)
Boots of all descriptions made to order
Repairs a specialty (GSH 04/07/1906)

Coles, A.E.
Saddle & Harness Works

Coles, G.J. & Coy Limited
92 Clive Street

Cooper, G.A.
Katanning, Gnowangerup, and Kojonup.
Barrister and Solicitor (GSH 25/12/1912)

Corne, H.
Bank Buildings, Clive Street.
Practical Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician
Begs to thank the public of Katanning and surrounding districts for their kind patronage in the past, and to notify them that he has thoroughly renovated his establishment, and laid in a new Stock of the best class of jewellery, watches and E.P.ware by the best makers, and hopes to merit a continuance of that patronage.
Prompt attention will be given to all orders, and reasonable prices charged. All work done on the premises and guaranteed. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Courtis, C.E. & Sons
(PO Box 67) Tel 79
Richardson Street
General Joinery Works and Body Builders

Coventry, Irvine
(PO Box 65) Tel 201
General Carrier & Contractor

Crouch, A.T.
Crouch, A.T. & A.E.
(PO Box 93) Tel 107
Austral Buildings, Albion Street
Public Accountant

Dalgety & Company Ltd
Perth & Katanning – Austral Terrace
Farm supplies, general agents, livestock agents

GSH 1/07/1925

Davies, R.B.
Land, Stock, Machinery, and General Agent

Dawson, M.C.
Carpenter & Joiner
Fourteen years’ experience in the building trade. Sound material, Good work guaranteed. Prompt attention to all orders by hand or post. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Day, L.M.
(Late Thos. White)
Katanning’s leading baker and wedding cake expert
Wedding cakes made in any design from £1 up to £10
L.M.D, by practical experience, is able to specialise in block cake, pastry and all lines of small goods.
Motto: Cleanliness and Civility – A Trial solicited. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Dearle’s Livery & Letting Stables
(Next to Scott & Scott)
All kinds of conveyances and horses to choose from

De Haan & Zeewoldt
(Central Bakery)
(PO Box 28) Tel 97 – 100 Clive Street
Bakers, Pastrycooks, Confectioners

Economic Stores
Katanning & Gnowangerup
We specialise in drapery, mercery and tailoring
Bargains for cash. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Edmunds, D.E.
Architect & Quantity Surveyor
Late of Kalgoorlie
Begs to notify that he has started an office in Katanning, and may be contacted at the Mechanics Institute Buildings. He is also prepared to advise on water conservation and irrigation, having supervised the construction of Chaffey’s irrigation scheme at Mildura. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Elder, Smith & Co Ltd
Robert Scott – Agent, Katanning
(GSH 3/07/1920)

Elder Smith Goldsborough Mort
Elders Ltd
Elders Merchandise
Elders Real Estate
Farm supplies, general agents, livestock agents, real estate, insurance, rural banking

Emporium, The
G McIntyre
Austral Terrace
Family fashion and accessories

Ermolo Private Hospital
Nurses M.E. & F.G.G. Shields
Amherst Street
Both certified and registered by RVTNA in General, Medical, and Surgical Nursing
Certified by Women’s Hospital Melbourne in Midwifery and Gynæcology, and registered by WA Midwives Board beg to announce that they have opened the above hospital which has been thoroughly renovated and fitted up as an up-to-date Nursing Establishment.
Open for engagement for accouchement cases. Terms on application. (GSH 31/08/1912)

Emporium, The
G McIntyre
Austral Terrace
Family fashion and accessories



GSH 1/07/1925



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