Views of Katanning Today

Katanning has grown and developed into a thriving community since those early days of the late 1800’s. The railway no longer plays a major role in the community with trains generally passing straight through. The Flour Mill, although still a major feature of the CBD streetscape, no longer operates as a mill. Many businesses have come and gone over the years with only a few still remaining from the early days.

  1. Kobeelya
  2. Roller Flour Mill
  3. Federal Hotel
  4. Town Hall
  5. Winery Ruins
  6. Commonwealth Bank
  7. Old ANZ Bank
  8. Mosque
  9. Catholic Church
  1. Piesse/Richardson Building
  2. BKW Co-operative Ltd
  3. Katanning Hotel Facade
  4. Post Office
  5. King George Hostel
  6. Library/Gallery
  7. Museum (First Government School)