Katanning Town Hall

Katanning Town Hall

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The Town Hall has high historical and social significance. It has been the centre of many important institutions in Katanning, such as the Mechanics’ Institute, the Roads Board and the Agricultural Committee, as well as providing an important social venue for the local community.
Although it has undergone many modifications and changes, the original hall building is still the main feature and has significant architectural value.
The foundation stone for the Katanning Town Hall was laid on 22nd August 1896 by the Hon F H Piesse, MLA.
The building was made possible through the donation of 10,000 bricks by F & C Piesse, government subsidy and voluntary labour to cart the bricks, sand and lime.
The agricultural hall cost £3000 to build, the contractor being Mr George Thomas, and the contractor for the woodwork was Mr Andrew Stewart. It was officially opened in 1897.


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