40 acres of land surrounding the Yairibin well, in what is now the Shire of Woodanilling, was taken up by Thomas Gibson Haddleton in 1870, who, in 1863 had taken up land at Coompatine to the south.
Haddleton took out a pastoral lease in the area in 1865 and by securing the main water holes in the vicinity was able to extend his leases to take in areas previously held by William Andrews.
The Yairibin site was selected because of its abundance of water and, in dry years, water was carted to Coompatine.
It was here that Thomas Haddleton made his home after his marriage to Alice McKenna in 1866.
They had a family of 13 children of whom the first born, Thomas (Tom) in 1867, and Arthur (born 1887) were to be closely associated with Yairibin.
When Thomas Haddleton (senior) died at ‘Coompatine’ in July 1903, he left an estate totalling nearly 3000 pounds.

coompatine homestead haddleton pioneer family lost katanning
Coompatine Homestead – 1890
It includes Mr & Mrs Tom Haddleton Snr (alongside cart) and police trooper Sergeant McKenna (seated centre) the first trooper stationed at Twonquillingup (Police Pools).

‘Coompatine’ was divided equally between William and Job, while Charles was left a 40-acre block near his farm at Woodanilling and Arthur 40 acres at ‘Yairibin’ plus conditional purchase blocks here totalling 302 acres.
Tom was not a major beneficiary of his father’s will and in his earlier days was not content to settle on the farm.
He built a house of mallet rails and mud pug near the creek at ‘Yairbin’ and lived there in between trips to the Goldfields, shearing and working in the district.
His success in finding a path to the fields brought Katanning to the fore as a starting point for the diggers arriving by boat at Albany from the Eastern States.
The abundance of water at ‘Yairbin’ ensured that the Haddleton’s had plenty of callers during the dry seasons.
As many as 30 carts a day would come to get water.
Job Francis Haddleton was born to Thomas Gibson Haddleton and Alice Violet Emma McKenna in Williams on May 25 1879 and died in Katanning July 18, 1958.
He married Agnes Matilda Quartermaine on 21 September 1908 and, following her death in 1947, married Drusilla Elinor Wilkinson (born Quartermaine) in 1952.
Job and Agnes had three sons and one daughter; Leslie Francis, Walter (Wally) William, Keith and Muriel Amy Cruikshank (nee Haddleton).
Coompatine is still in the Haddleton family today.