Second Piesse store and the flour mill.

Since the arrival of the Piesse Brothers, a number of elaborate “Federation” style homes and buildings have been constructed in Katanning.

The first major structure was the iconic roller flour mill followed by Frederick Piesse’s second permanent store in Austral Terrace (both in the picture above). This was followed in later years with his third and final store, constructed on the site above, and it remained unchanged until the Richardson family took control and extended the building to abut the Katanning Hotel.

There were also many fine homes built at the turn of last century with none more grand than “Kobeelya“, the home of Frederick Piesse and his family.

Today, you can drive or walk around town and see most of those early buildings and stunning homes still in place with most still being used for the purpose for which they were built. Many have been restored, or are undergoing restoration, including the roller flour mill.

This building has been completely restored and is being developed into a hotel and cafe complex by the Dome Coffee Group.

Kobeelya has been fully restored to its former glory and is being used by the Baptist community as a respite centre and church.

The Piesse winery water tower has been restored by descendants of Frederick Piesse using original materials from the time of its construction.


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