The family of August and Christiana Beeck left the German/Polish town of Posan, in 1847 to accompany their Lutheran pastor and his whole congregation to move to South Australia to escape religious persecution.
The Prussian Government of the day had introduced compulsory allegiance to the State Church.
The faithful Lutheran congregation believed in freedom of worship and to follow this ideal, they fled their country of birth for a new beginning in the young colony of Australia.
They settled in South Australia around Lobethal with their family of five boys, having brought two of them out on the ship “The Gellert”.
After marrying Maria Hermine Borman, August and Christiana’s son, Emil Robert Beeck tried different types of employment, from working in the lime works as a young man, to farming the land. He moved often and some of his growing family of twelve took up farming in the district.
Following drought and economic hardship, a number of farmers came across to Western Australia to see if the land was any more reliable for farming.
They travelled up into the Great Southern area and found the town of Katanning with its own flour mill. The land appeared to be fertile so Emil sent back to South Australia for his family to sell up their farms and move west.
In February 1892 Emil’s wife Hermine and eleven of their twelve children and their families sailed into the port of Albany on the ‘South Australia.’
A special train was needed to bring all the family, their belongings, food, machinery and livestock to settle in the Katanning district.
The original farm was known as Capemont, from which the family spread, most members taking up land in the immediate district.
Summerfield, Orange Grove, Garden Valley, and Raspberry Hill were some or the other original farms to be established in the area.
The family have spread throughout the district; some are still farming, while others have spread throughout the land and around the world.
Since settling in Katanning three amazing family reunions have been held. The first in 1952; the second in 1992 and the most recent in 2012.
The Beeck family was one of the pioneering families in the district and played an important part in the development of Katanning and surrounding areas including community and civic activities.
‘They loved God, their family and the land’

Emil Robert Benjamin Beeck, 1871 – 1942

robert emil beeck katanning pioneer family lost katanning people
Maria Hermine (nee Borman) and Robert Emil Beeck

Emil Robert Benjamin Beeck was born on October 12 1871, in Monarto, South Australia, to Emile Robert Beeck and Maria Hermine Beeck (born Borman).
Emil had nine siblings: Gustav Adolph Beeck, Anna Christianna Prosser (born Beeck), Emma Lydia Beeck, Henry Otto Beeck, Hermine Sophie Pym (born Beeck), John Albert Beeck, Maria Otilia Wobse (born Beeck), Paul August Beeck and Fredrich Wilhelm Beeck.
Emil married Caroline Sarah Annie Beeck (born Laidlaw) on April 23 1896, at age 24 in Katanning, Western Australia.
They had five children: Eric Harold Beeck, Christina May Archer (born Beeck), Florence Annie Beeck, Stanley Theodore Beeck and Violet Maude Beeck.
Emil passed away on November 15 1942, at age 71 in Bayswater, Western Australia and was buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth.

emil robert beeck pioneer family people lost katanning
Back: Emma, Paul, Moritz, Emil Junior, Carl (Charlie), and Anna
Centre: Otilie (Tillie), Frederick (Bill), Gustav (Gus), and Sophie
Front: Johannis (John), and Heinrich (Henry)


Sir Marcus Truby Beeck: 1923 – 1986

lost katanning pioneer families sir marcus truby beeck
Sir Marcus Truby Beeck.

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