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This Additional Categories section of Lost Katanning is to show the diverse history of the town other than shown in the main headings. Katanning is now a thriving community situated in the Great Southern region of Western Australia and this is mainly as a result of its positive start.

The construction of the Great Southern Railway from Beverley to Katanning and from Albany to Katanning, for example, played an integral part of the history of the town. The two construction sections met five kilometers north of the present townsite and it is the reason Frederick Piesse and his brother Charles set up business here.

The Comprehensive Country Water Scheme meant that water would no longer be a problem for an inland town situated in one of the driest continents on earth.

The introduction of local government through the Katanning Road Board (later Shire of Katanning) meant there was leadership and cohesion within the community as the town grew into what it is today.

Agriculture has been the mainstay of Katanning and the surrounding districts from day one. And providing an education for the children of the community has always been a priority with four schools and a college established in the town.

Sport has also had a major impact on the well-being of the local community with the introduction of popular Australian sports including cricket, Australian Rules football (AFL) and tennis. Many other sports, including swimming, have been tried over the years with many surviving into today.

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