Bevan Quartermaine

Bevan Quartermaine

Bevan Quartermaine

Bevan Sampson Joseph Quartermaine (1881 – 10.10.1947)

From the Great Southern Herald: Fri 24 Oct 1947


The death occurred on October 10 at the Katanning District Hospital of Bevan S. J. Quartermaine, aged 66 years, after a long period of failing health.

Bevan was a son of Alfred Quartermaine and grandson of Elijah Quartermaine, one of the first, if not the first, white man to explore the possibilities of the Great Southern area.

Born at Marracoonda, on his father’s property, Bevan lived his whole life in the district and as a’ youth took a leading part in sport of all kinds.

He was of retiring disposition, but was greatly respected by all with whom he came in contact.

He leaves a widow, daughter and son to mourn his death.

The funeral took place on October 11, the remains being buried in the Anglican portion of the Katanning Cemetery, Mr Jenner officiating in the absence of the Rector (Rev Arrantash); funeral arrangements being in the hands of Messrs C. E. Courtis and Sons.

Pall bearers were Messrs C. Worsley, D. Walters, W. Fleay and W. Mathews.

Chief mourners at the graveside being, Wife, daughter and son; Bert and Nessie (brother and

sister-in-law, Nyabing); Mrs J. Sullivan (mother-in-law, Perth); J.M. Sullivan (brother-in-law, Perth); Mr and Mrs F. May (brother-in-law and sister, Collie); Ethel (sister-in- law, York).

Others present were; Dorothy Quartermaine; L. F. W. Quartermaine; Mr and Mrs K.

Quartermaine; N. R. Quartermaine; Mr and Mrs Don Quartermaine; Dave Quartermaine; E and I. Quartermaine; Rube, Daisy, Esme and Bill Quartermaine; R. A. Blundy; Mr and Mrs H.Brooks; Ben Kube; J. Meldrum; H. J. Tuck (U.A.O.D.); R. J. Sibley (Road Board); H. Hayward; J. Battersby; F. Noonan; A. Leslie (Eleanor Roberts Youth Library); R. Cull; H.

Meldrum (Men’s Hockey Association); E. Lee; H. E. Todd; J. Munro; D. Walters; J. Berber, Mr and Mrs Old (Old and Cornish); Mr and Mrs O. B. Beeck; Mr and Mrs Alf Dennis; J. Armstrong; F. A. W. Rogers; Mr and Mrs Cobby; R. McGregor; F. M. Bowden (Richardson & Co.); J. E. Reschke; C. Worsley; J. B. Cornelius, E. Garman; Mrs Garman, Snr.; J. Meldrum, Snr.; W. Mathews (R.S.L.); A. Fleay; Mr and Mrs B. Fleay; C. Isaacson; W. Sampson (Secretary, U.A.O.D.); A. S. Timms (Katanning Parents and Citizens); W. G. Lewis; Mr and Mrs J. C. Abbott; J. E. Coate; A. W. G. Hames; A. G. Bunes; G.  Wells (Co-op Co.); W. Folland; L. M. Wake; F. Kemble; S. Kemble; E.A. Daniels; E. Philpot; W. Fleay; J. Hampton; H. Justins; Ted Mood; L. Fitzgerald; C. Fitzgerald; Cliff Kessel.

Floral tributes were received from the following :

His Loving Wife, Daughter and Son (Kate, Lorna and Desmond); Bob and family (son-in

law and grandchildren, Robert, Peter and Kaye, Applecross); Bert and Nessie, (brother and sister-in-law, Nyabing); Sarah Quartermaine (sister -in-law, Katanning); Mrs J. Sullivan

(mother-in-law, Perth); Mr and Mrs J. M. Sullivan and Mick (brother and sister-in-law and nephew, Perth); Florrie and Frank May (Sister and brother-in-law, Collie); Ethel and

family (sister-in-law and nieces, York); Phyl, Reg and family (niece and nephew, Nyabing); Dorothy, Jim and Wendy; Hazel, Carol and Geoffrey; P. S. Quartermaine; Eliza and Bevan; Jean, Dave and girls; Elsie Harry and family; Sub-branch, R.S.L. Katanning; Mr and Mrs Battersby and family; Mr and Mrs E. Moore; Mr E. Todd and family; Mr and Mrs A.V. Hames and family; Mr and Mrs E.C. Daniels and family; Mrs M. Blair and Will; Will and Mabel Rafferty; Mrs Mouritz and Hughie; Rube, Daisy and family; Mr and Mrs G. Wells and

family; Mr and Mrs G. H. Mader and family; Mr and Mrs M. Cook, Howard and Glenice; Officers and Members of the Katanning Fire Brigade; Mr and Mrs B. G. Tanner; Mr and Mrs Woollett and sons; Mr, and Mrs Bill Fleay and family; M. A. Haddleton; Mr and Mrs E. Garman; Mr J. H. Blake and family; Mrs H. Butterworth, Roy, Ellen and family; Mr and Mrs G. BIythe; Mr and Mrs E. Cobby and family; Verdun and Marge Applebee; Mr and Mrs Filmer and Vic; The Eleanor Roberts Youth Library; Oscar and Rhoda Buck; Mrs Fitzgerald and family; E. Elliott; Mr and Mrs J. Millington and family; Mr and Mrs J. C. Lang; Mr and Mrs A. Bunes; Mrs Bliss and family; The Dutton Family and Mrs Bailey; Katanning Men’s Hockey Association; Mr and Mrs Justins and family; Mr and Mrs A. Dennis and family; Mr and Mrs Gray and family; Mr and Mrs H. Tuck; Mr and Mrs J. Hampton; Keith, Dorrie and family; Mr and Mrs B. Spry; The Newport Family; Mr and Mrs Harry Finlay and family; Lila

and Harold; Mr and Mrs J. Green; Mr and Mrs L. Stoddard, Mt Barker; Officers and Members of U.A.O.D.; Harry and Pat Justins; Mr and Mrs Worsley; Mr and Mrs W. G. Lewis and family; Tottie, Bern, Gwen and Alan; Mr and Mrs J. E. Coate; Management and Staff of Gare and Mouritz; Mr and Mrs J. W. Old and family; Margaret and Shirley Buckle; Mr and Mrs H. Haddleton


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