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First Edition GSH     First Edition GSH     First Edition GSH     First Edition GSH

first edition gsh

First Edition GSH

first edition gsh

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The first edition of the Great Southern Herald came off the press on 5 October, 1901 and the newspaper has been produced regularly from that date.

The first edition consisted of a single sheet of paper folded in half to form a “broadsheet” newspaper. It later became the first newspaper in Western Australia to convert to the now familiar

Advertising has always played an important part of the make-up of commercial newspapers. They frely on the revenue from that advertising to survive. The fact the Great Southern Herald has survived for so long has been due to the support of its local advertisers and, in later years, support from businesses all round Australia.

The first birth recorded:

Howes –
On the 24th September, at Saint Andrews Rectory, the wife of the Rev, Jas. A. Howes, a daughter.

The first advertisers:


  • F & C Piesse, General Merchants
  • J Cass, Draper
  • C A Harris, General Storekeeper
  • P A Beeck, Saddler
  • Wm Baker, Butcher
  • M Lebad, Coffee Palace
  • A W Richter, General Blacksmith and Coachbuilder
  • G McLeod, Katanning Hotel
  • Miss M J Brown, Royal Exchange Hotel
  • A E Dewar & Co, Hairdressers, Stationers, Etc.
  • C F Wanke, Machinery Agent
  • J Gould, Fruiterer, Etc.
  • Broomehill
    C Darcy, Coachbuilder and General Blacksmith
  • W M Garrity, Imperial Hotel
  • Wagin
    C Just, Coachbuilder and General Blacksmith
  • J C H Nenke, Saddler
  • C L Gell, General Storekeeper
  • A Mouan, Hide and General Buyer
  • J Facey, Bootmaker
  • F M Buttfield, General Storekeeper
  • J Carruthers, Newsagent, Stationer, Etc.
  •  Doig, Butcher and Baker
  • J Spratt, Wagin Hotel
  • H Spragg, Federal Hotel

The first News Story:

The first news story on page one of the first edition related to a local court case, one that today’s farmers can relate to:
At the Katanning Police Court on the 20th ult. (before Dr. Black, Resident Magistrate, and Mr. A. E. Pieese, J.P.), A. M. Nicolson; was proceeded against by Inspector Newton for refusing to clear his land of noxious weeds.

Mr. Russell, who appeared for defendant, pleaded not guilty to the plaint.” Read the full story >>>

The first Advertorial
(An advertisement in the guise of a news story)

The advertorial is about the completion of the ‘new’ F & C Piesse store adjacent to the Flour Mill:


This extensive and handsome structure, which has been in course of erection during the last six months for the above firm, has now received its finishing touches, and has been handed over to the proprietors by the architect, Mr. E. Summerhayes.

An inspection of the buildings reveals a very up-to-date and complete arrangement in respect to the requirements of such an extensive general business as that which is carried on by Messrs. F. & C. Piesse. The premises contain and combine most of the features necessary for the equipment of such an establishment, and equals any similar building in the capital, and surpasses anything hitherto attempted outside of Perth.

The retail shop, with its handsome plate-glass fronts, is, of course, the central feature in the building. Its dimensions are 52ft. x 50ft., and is entered by two imposing approaches having tiled floors, and screen lobbies, the latter being provided for keeping the dust out of the building. The shop itself is provided with handsome shelving and fittings for the display of the various goods on sale, and the five counters form a very effective and detailed part of the work, and all have been arranged with drawers and bins for the reception of goods.

The portion set apart for millinery adds greatly to the appearance of the shop, and is entered through a large archway. This department is also fully fitted up with shelving and counter, and in addition has been provided with a handsome mirror 7ft. by 4ft, surrounded with beautifully designed embossed glass panels, the initials of the firm being conspicuously worked thereon,

The upper portion of the shop fronts have been fitted up with leaded lights. The principal feature in the shop is the very effective arrangement of the main staircase leading to the show room. This staircase |is without doubt a handsome piece of work, and has been arranged so as to combine in its centre a raised cash desk for the cashier, and a lavatory under the back part, and is receiving light through obscured glass panels; the upper floor is to be used as a show room, and for the bulk goods.

The premises at the rear of the main shops have been built for the receipt and delivery of goods, where packages and cases are received off the railway trucks at the siding running close against the building.

For the use and convenience of the principals and clerical staff engaged, six offices have been provided, three on the ground and three on the first floor. The front office on the ground floor has been designed for public purposes, and is fitted up with counter and screen, and leads through a doorway into Mr. A. Piesse’s office. This office contains a strong-room fitted with all requisites for the safe keeping of valuables.

The average size of each office is about 16ft x 16ft, with very lofty ceilings. The general treatment of the design of the front elevation is in the Italian style of architecture. The verandah forms a very pleasing feature and finish for the front, and is floored with patent granolithic paving: The whole of the offices, shops, show-rooms, cellar and storage premises have been provided with electric light, eighty-two points being required for necessary illumination giving a total light equal to 1,312 candle-power. The architect of the buildings is Mr E Summerhayes, of Triggs’ Chambers, Perth, and the contractor, Mr J H Brown, of Perth and Katanning: The contract price was over £3,000.

first edition GSH
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first edition gsh
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Great Southern Herald (Katanning, WA : 1901 – 1954)

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